Practical Way of Owning a Bird by Jun ?JayCee? Cadoc

Posted by rafael castro on April 13, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Before we dive into ourdiscussion, allow me to clarify that this article is in no way has theintention of contradicting other published articles related to oursubject. This article is conceived from my own practical point of viewand experience. Perhapsmost of us have read articles about choosing a pet bird, quality ofbirds, health issues, diet and bird breeding as a hobby or a business.However, for some, they may have not….Hence, for a utilitarian benefit,let us start on the same footing…the practical way of owning a bird.

Firstly, why do we want to have a bird or birds? The two common answers are: 1. as pet/s; 2. to breed. From the two replies, we could generate various guide questions for us to answer on our own and are as follows:

1.  As pet/s:

What specie/s? (budgies, parakeets, African lovebirds, finches…..) What mutation/s? (albino, lutino, pied, crested……) How many could you afford to have and sustain? (one, a pair, 10 pairs….) Do you have enough knowledge in taking care and maintaining such specie/s? (none, a little, adequate…..) Thefirst two bullets are just wants in terms of beauty as perceived byyour naked eyes. I consider the last two bullets as the mostsignificant for us to consider. To wit, you may have the immediate cashto purchase, say five pairs but if you do not know:

adaptability to your life style;where to put the birds (space availability and cages required);life span;the dos and don’ts;correct nutrition; health issues; andmonthly costs of feeds and supplements, howlong would your bird/s last? In summary, merely relying on your wantsor impulses will just throw your initial investments on the purchaseand the few months of your operating costs. The key issues here are: weshould learn the trade / mechanics / requirements; and count your moneywhich could sustain the trade or mechanics required.

2. To breed: (Assuming you complied with the above)

Why do you want to breed?If your answer is to produce new mutations or good quality birds: Are you in depth knowledge of producing good quality / new mutations or just experimenting?Are you fully aware of DENR requirements on having a Certificate for  Wildlife Registration?Do you have the resources (budget, time, manpower, and space) to sustain the entire process of your chosen undertaking?If your answer is as a business: Doyou have a sure market which could at least offset your regularoperating expenses and slowly pay back your capital investments?Are you fully aware of DENR requirements on having a Certificate for Wildlife Farm Permit?Do you have the resources (budget, time, manpower, and space) to sustain the entire process of your chosen undertaking? How many do you want to breed?Do you have the sound expertise in Bird Breeding Management?Could you afford financially to breed and maintain the offspring in case of no market or means of a profitable disposal?Do you have the required space and facilities?Do you have the time or manpower resources to take care of the stocks and progenies? In summary, you should do some or all of the following before deciding to own a bird:

Do some researches or buy a book about the bird specie you would want to haveAsk advice/guidance from DENR registered pet owners/breedersExamine your lifestyle and capability to do such endeavor andJoin a bird club to further your knowledge. 


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Reply ibonlandia
8:05 AM on June 25, 2010 
now i understand what breeders do? i got a number of keets and non-er and let them bond or pair with any bird they want. my birds multiplied tenfold but was never concern with producing new mutations. yes they were all kept as pets, just that i have to dispose a few young for i never intend to keep them in big number.
Reply unknown
3:22 PM on August 15, 2010 
salamat po mga kaBIRDS.. :D
Reply sealsUnalecar
5:46 PM on June 5, 2011 
чаму б і не:)