We Belong by Eric Chan

Posted by rafael castro on April 13, 2010 at 9:49 AM

It was really a great time havingfriends from different sectors of society including classes or evencharacter and personalities.  The last time I heard about “We Belong”was the time when it was heard over the radio sang by Pat Benatar asmost of you may recall.  Another “We Belong” thing was made intopropaganda by the Young Officers Union (YOU) during the coup days ofthe 80s.

But what doesbelongingness really means?  As far as I’m concerned it all starts outin the family.  We feel comfortable whenever we are with our mom anddad and with the other siblings.  Sometimes this involves security whensomeone threatens us we immediately cry for help.  What I recall aboutit in my childhood was having someone to go to when I want something orclaims something that does not necessarily belong to me but is owned byone of the family members.  We can say that this is my car, well infact that this was purchased by your dad. Because of belongingness andhaving an affinity to the owner we can actually assert and claimanything that is owned by the family.

Havingtold you about the significance of being part of a family I hope manywould understand the importance of joining an organization thatpromotes the common interest of various persons not necessarily havingthe same character or personalities.  I joined Birds Industry Research and Development Society, Inc.back in 2004 to find out more about bird-keeping and probably to get abetter deal in buying birds, plain and simple.  I seldom join birdshows and activities on the onset having little interest because myobjectives were just getting to be a regular member and just build anetwork. 

But as time goes by, I involved myself in some of theactivities of the club learning more information about the system ofputting up an exhibit and having the chance to mingle and interact withwell known bird breeders who gave me a lot of bird education!  Littleby little there was a shift of interest on my perspective of having tobelong in the club.  It is like becoming more aware of the need to getsocialized and having a deeper relationship with my colleagues in theclub.  I tell you, just like in other organizations, it was not easyfor me to assimilate into the circle of different people.  It needsflexibility, sensitivity and a lot of public relations effort.  Onefactor that can really help especially new members is to look at theclub not in peso terms but in building relationship.  Everyone wants togain something from a club.  Having paid a membership fee is one stepin getting one’s commitment through.  Well, the rest is all aboutunderstanding and cooperating with other members.


Now, being an elected officer ofBIRDS, INC. posed a new challenge.  As the Public Relations Officers ofthe club I make it a point to contribute the best.  I don’t have muchmoney, I don’t have much to give in material resources, but I have myprecious time and ideas to give.  In fact, I do feel ashamed a lot oftimes when I want to give financially but I couldn’t.  This does nothinder me from participating.  I can still remember vividly when therewas a meeting in Pasig where I had a difficulty of getting a ridehome. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere Ando Muñoz appeared and gave me a lifthome in his motorcycle.  It was my first time to ride a motorcycle longdistance.  And I can say that it was a thrill!  Mang Pikong Hernandez,Bernard Lugod, Danny Ang plus others who always never fail to bring meto my destination.  I can’t help myself to be overwhelmed with joy whenmy friends in the club offer their generosity and help just like beingpart of a big family.

Sometimes,there are frictions, misunderstandings and debates.  There are timeswhen some leave us or even times when you get separated as a result ofdisciplinary action by the body.  I hope that these things will be thelast option to us.  The goal of a club is to preserve and not todestroy, to grow and not to diminish.  If we abide by the will of themajority especially in decision-making, there will be harmony.  Ibelieve in the democratic process.  That is why I always consider theopinion of others to be important.  Differing views may arise at timesbut we need to follow a system that will bring order in everysituation.  I detest pride as a tool in motivating others and informing public opinion.

Alwaysbring to mind the happy moments.  Enrich each other’s life by makingthem happy.  As told by doctors, laughter is the best medicine.  Ifonly we can make each moment full of good things in life I think wehave already achieved greatly in our BIRDS, INC. family!  Can youreally say that you belong?

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Reply ibonlandia
7:54 AM on June 25, 2010 
nice reading. cant say yet if i would feel the same "belongingness" in the group but i wish i would.