We seldom see dedicated people leave behind their personal ambitions and interest in order to pursue a higher order of things. In this case to focus intensively on the improvement and enjoyment of the pet bird industry. I have known for a long time people trying to inject messages into my articles and driving a wedge among avian enthusiasts. Today I am proud to say that there is this handful of aviculturists fed up with the politics and intrigues plaguing the board of their various associations and thus saw the need to close ranks and really focus on the problems and tasks at hand to improve the hobby.

I have seen them in action during this past weekend in the Egg Exhibit at SM Megamall. It does not take a long hard look to see how they can sacrifice time and money to pursue their sublime goals. Whereas others would throw in the towel and give up when prices of their precious birds are down, the dedication and unity of this group were aspiring. I laud the efforts of commitment made by these brave souls. As silent waters run deep, those who have big mouths are but empty drums and clanging cymbals. Soon you will be seeing changes in he hobby spearheaded by this group, aptly called BIRDS, Inc.

Bird Industry Research and Development Society, Incorporated (B.I.R.D.S., Inc.) is a organization of aviculturists focused on the improvement and the enjoyment of the pet bird industry in the Philippines. B.I.R.D.S., Inc. aims to help the government in the conservation and protection of bird species in the country and improve the quality of birds kept and bred to world-class level through the free exchange of ideas and information, research and development of the industry as a whole.

As ten bird enthusiastic hobbyist/ aviculturists coming from different walks of life gathered together in Bacoor, Cavite, sometime last july, exchanging ideas, foresights, plans and information about their pet birds (Finches, Parakeets, Budgies, African Lovebirds, Cockatiels) over a sumptuous meal, the potential of the bird industry to compete globally became visible. Thus these ten individuals namely: Danilo “Danny” Ang, Vicente “Vic” M. Chin Jr., Melvin “Melv” Cuenca, Albert “Dudz” Dionisio, Amelita “Milet” L. Escalona, Edwin “Sky” C. Manlangit, Fernando “Ando” Mu?oz, Willie Wilsson C. Nepomuceno, Ivy Rose sano and Karen C. Ubana, who are very dedicated to the welfare and enjoyment of their birds and co-bird lovers joined hands and founded the society, Bird Industry Research and Development Society, Incorporated.

After a handful of meetings, brainstorming, analytical thinking and lots of paper works, the founders registered the society with the Security and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). And not long after its filing, Bird Industry Research and Development Society, Incorporated was recognized and certified.

The society also aims to provide its members with programs and activities that will enhance their enjoyment of bird-keeping as a hobby, thus providing a different eye view in the other aspects of it as an industry. Not to mention, B.I.R.D.S., Inc. is more than willing to assist interested students or individuals who are into research or study of birds (nutrition, medical or husbandry).

Written by: Johnny Filart, Animal Scene October 2003